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Doc here. Nice to have you, I hope you stick around for awhile. Pleae consider that this site is a place holder for our more devolped user friendly version that we are working on at present. Try and foocus on this blog for now because I will keep it updated throughout the day.

Because the holiday's are coming up, as has become a "tradition", I had a few buddies fund some accounts and make a few trades, asking if I was playing any stocks. I said "sure, do not perceive this as my giving you investment advice, I am not. However, I'm always happy to share what I'm buying, when, and how I know when to get out with anyone who asks. My two buddies, of their own accord, chose to play the same picks as me in the way I'd described. They used little money but I think they did a good job. I soon realized if it could work for them, it could work for others, thus this site's inception. I've put up the trades my buddies did and you can decide if you think they did a good job too and vote on the winner. 

Comment on the blog and I’ll answer and give you all of the info I deem necessary and/or appropriate to assist you. 


    which dad earned more holiday cash?